christine barrie designs

art and design inspired by nature

light and colour from nature's palette


At christine barrie designs you can browse through watercolours, acrylics, mixed media pieces, photography, painted furniture, and watch home decorating projects evolve.

New artwork and painted furniture will be added to the sight regularly, as well as decorating updates. Colour palettes will reflect the light and colours of the season or a specific location.

You may purchase artwork that is featured on this site, or inquire about custom or commissioned work. 

My Inspirations are the landscapes, colours and ever-changing light of Southwestern Ontario. Through photography I record the unique hues and light of each season. While decorating my home I am inspired by the summer palette of Rondeau Park and surrounding area. The earthy warm hues will adorn my walls and floors, while accent colours will come from the aquas and turquoises of the lake. 

My paintings are an interpretation of the pure light I see in every image. Lines merely contain the luminous colours to create shapes and images. I love how vibrant colours play with each other to create energy and form.